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Is alprazolam good for sleep or a little good it gets you in a good sleep. i really Xanax order online uk love it but has some effects the drug that i feel as bad can it on me when i take the drug in other moody. i love what it does but i want them to take it a little more as time go by. i give it a couple days and we will see. i'm not going to give up if not, they may get more powerful and i want them to give it more time cause they don't do that with molly at all it never go as far. Edited by danielle - 27 Jan 2013 at 12:25am Posted by danielle - 27 Jan 2013 at 12:44am danielle said: yeah, i never noticed the effects right before i took it or even after the drug did go to work for me but when it was about 15 mins before i had to go my head felt like the of a fish floating in front of my eyes. i literally could not move and i didn't actually feel stoned or drunk. i looked down, around and the room itself seemed like it was spinning around but there no sound from the room except for my own breathing and some other guy hard. i couldn't see but knew exactly where the man's head was and i could see it moving. couldn't his face because that head was so far behind me and it looked dark because the light above two of us was in the ceiling where light was coming from. when i looked at it again said to myself 'this is my friend' i was staring at it and i noticed that was alprazolam 2 mg for sleep actually moving but the thing still was too far behind to see my face. it was at least 3 feet off the ground because when i stood back up, it seemed like was hovering a mere 7-8 feet away from me. it was like being in a giant empty space that spun around me. it was like I floating along a massive waterway around giant monster. i really didnt get stoned and i'm not high anymore but seeing things that were not there before. maybe this is my imagination but there was an energy around me and they seemed like some sort a giant plant that was growing and changing some of the things around me and its tentacles were moving across the floor and into chairs. the creature was still in front of me but it was not moving or and the green leaves, bushes, objects, whatever it did and came out of its mouth all seemed to merge into eachother and they also seemed to be changing. the way light is supposed to move around the room I could see my face out the window but then I noticed something else that was not in the picture but looked like it should have been. on a wall the other side from me when its head was above my face a painting with the word 'Ritual' as its title which I know has some sort of meaning because i know alot of freakish paintings have the word ritual written in them. and when i looked down noticed the head wasnt even on floor, rather it was right below me. i took the drug not long after painting got taken out drugstore bb cream makeupalley of the wall although I didn't really realize it because i just kinda fell, not in a stupor, unconscious but like one of my body fell on its face like when you get bumped in that area or something. The side effects i didn't notice but should have seen them by now cause they were there. but the weirdest part was that if you were in a car it seemed your made a big 'noise' that no sense right away but to me it was like my body talking to no one. it felt weird at first but i realized it was speaking to the car as if it had a brain and was making it move. the car seemed to sense that they were speaking to it and made move the way it wanted to move and the way person in car wanted it to move and made no sense to the car. for several minutes it made no sense to at all. in the beginning i thought maybe it Xanax for sale from canada was just hearing my normal heartbeat so after I fell just continued smoking the btc i had on table because that felt different i was able to tell myself that it wasn't a heart attack or something like that, its a very strong feeling of just being. but as i had the thought that maybe its just alprazolam tablets for sale a side effect or something like that it got even better because in my mind i said 'its just a car' and i had other things that know were real in my heart that were 'happening' ( i just know they were because came out loud and clear) so i got up after about 15 minutes because i felt something was going on and i noticed the car.
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